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By Glynis Crawford Smith

The Highlander


Marble Falls Market on Main has been rescheduled for this Saturday, March 17, and one addition to the Main Street vendors will give shoppers a preview of local products that went national Monday.

Right there on Main Street in booth 212 will be Hannah Starr, founder and CEO of the natural beauty products manufacturer HUSH Beauty Products.

A series of national television commercials introduced by celebrity entrepreneur Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks from the TV reality show “Shark Tank” and in collaboration with, began Monday marketing her company's new cutting edge, 100 percent vegan skincare products, HUSH Luxury.

Starr, Faith Academy graduate who came home to roost in the Highland Lakes after college, also announced the June 1 opening her HUSH Luxury eco-friendly day spa and yoga studio at 4315 Farm to Market Road 2147 in Horseshoe Bay.

The national TV campaign features four of the products that will be available there—Bliss Massage Lotion, Herbal Dead Sea Salt Soak and Creamy Coffee and Walnut Sugar Scrub.

“HUSH Luxury was born from my desire that, like myself, others might find confidence and wellbeing through pampering and loving our bodies holistically...find bliss for your mind, body and spirit using our handcrafted, natural, vegan beauty products,” said Starr.

Starr earned a bachelor's degree in vocal performance and is pursuing a master's in health and kinesiology, but the beauty products were developed out of a personal interest.

“After college I came back with my husband Douglas Peterson and our daughter, Vivian,” she said.

Starr was a little surprised to be approached by the staff of Harrington, the owner of AsSeenOnTV and inventor of the infomercial shortly after she went into business. She wasn't like so many Shark Tank inventors, scrapping tooth and nail for a backer.

“They found us at the Dallas Home & Garden Show,” she said. “We had only been in business a year or two. But, they asked how far along they were.

“They really appreciated our branding and that we had 'all our ducks in a row' with the business,” said Starr. “I guess I'm really a stickler for detail.”

The new spa has received that same attenion to detail. It will include a wider range of Starr's own products and will feature a beauty salon with facials and massage, in addition to the yoga studio.

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