Real culprit caught on set of 'Murder Weapon'



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Contributed/Laura Gisi

Rocky Raccoon behind bars at the HCCT. The felonious critter was caught in the act of making a mess in the theatre.

By Lew K. Cohn

Managing Editor

The Highlander

It was a mystery that bedeviled the cast of the newest Hill Country Community Theatre play, “Murder Weapon.”

What was in the theatre building in Cottonwood Shores that was leaving behind a mess, including overturned coffee cups and tossed trash, as evidence of its existence? Could it be a poltergeist or perhaps something far more sinister?

As it turns out, the culprit was caught after a trap was laid nearly as craftily as the one set for the suspect in the late Brian Clemens' suspenseful thriller, set to debut at the theatre on April 20.
The cast held a character workshop Thursday, March 30, before a cage trap was set out on the stage. At 7:45 a.m., play director Laura Gisi came into the theatre and found the culprit, Rocky Raccoon, wearing his “mask” and finally where he belonged – behind bars.

At some point during the night, Rocky Raccoon indeed had “checked into his room,” but failed to find either Gideon's Bible or the exit. Fortunately for the cast, no weapons were found on the prowling yet pulchritudinous Procyonid, who is being evicted from the theatre as punishment for his pesky peccadillos and sentenced to live at the Cottonwood Shores nature preserve.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Rocky Raccoon will not be involved in the upcoming HCCT Jail and Bail event on Monday, April 24, at Meadowlakes Restaurant.

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