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Sports Editor Mark Goodson/The Highlander

Open Wide! Baby wrens in Horseshoe Bay make a bright summer picture. Have one of your own? Share it with The Highlander.

A ceramic bird feeder takes on a double meaning after a pair of Horseshoe Bay wrens claim it as the perfect nook for their clutch of eggs.

Texas is a nesting host to more wren species than any other state, nine of the 10 in North American. Once a nest is complete and accepted as home sweet home, incubation of eggs takes around two weeks before hungry mouths demand bugs and spiders for another fortnight before fledglings fly away.

Highlander Sports Editor Mark Goodson captured this scene. Can you match his shot? Have a great photo from your summer in the Highland Lakes? Share it with Managing Editor Lew Cohn, Don't forget to include your name and a little bit about the photo.

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