Bertram PD welcomes new K-9 to the ranks



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Marcie Masterson/Bertram Enterprise - The Highlander

R.I.P. Ofcr. Bock. The Bertram Police Department’s K-9 died last month, due to cancer. 'Bock served Bertram until his last day of life,' said Bertram PD Chief JJ Wilson. “He was faithful ‘til the end.'




By Glynis Crawford Smith

The Highlander

Bock, the loyal K-9 of the Bertram Police Department (BPD) was laid to rest in November and the department is falling into step with his successor, Max.

“Bock had cancer,” said BPD Chief James “JJ” Wilson. “He was losing weight. We had been to the vet and dried different diets but he wasn't getting better.”

It was veterinarian Dan McBride in Burnet who made the final diagnosis.

“He even tried surgery to save Bock,” said Wilson. “Bock was very sick and only had days left. So, after eight years of loyal service, we had to put him down.”

Two of Bock's years of service were with the BPD. Like his successor, Max, he came into law enforcement from the military.

“He had served with Williamson, Travis and Bexar County departments,” said Wilson. “He was perfect for narcotics. He found lots of narcotics and even money on the job.”

Travis Simer, Bock's handler, recently transferred to the Burnet County Sheriff's Office, so Wilson stepped up. Max is another German Shepherd. The two-year-old trained first in the military, operating on the traditional commands in the German language.

“I went to canine school for Max and Ofcr. Walton Cotton will be training too,” said Wilson. “From his background, we will use him as an attack dog, but he is trained and certified on five different narcotics.

“Right now he is getting used to his new territory. We are excited about his skills.”

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