City of Meadowlakes makes deal with POA for services



By Lew K. Cohn
Managing Editor

After a contentious year of negotiations, the City of Meadowlakes and the Meadowlakes Property Owners Association (MPOA) finally reached an agreement on a three-year service contract which will call for the MPOA to pay the city nearly $320,000.

Meadowlakes provides contractual customer service, accounting, payroll, recordkeeping and maintenance operations to the MPOA. The city's last contract with MPOA had called for the city to receive $96,913 per year ($8,076 per month) for three years, from October 2016 to September 2019.

However, in June 2018, the city council voted to cancel the last year of the contract and insisted a new contract be made with a demand of $169,708 per year, an increase of $72,795 per year or 75 percent above the original contract. MPOA officials eventually negotiated down the demand to $150,000 for the remaining year, which still represented a 55 percent increase above the original contract. . . .

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