Spokeswoman: Black Lives Matter intends 'peaceful' protest in Marble Falls



By Connie Swinney
Staff Writer

A series of heated social media exchanges prompted Marble Falls police June 2 to coordinate with organizers of a planned Black Lives Matter (BLM)  protest event in the community, officials said, in an effort to preempt any potential public safety issues.

National BLM organizers have promoted protests aimed at calling attention to the in-custody death of a black man on May 25 in Minnesota.

The officer was fired and has since been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

The death erupted in protests, some marked by looting and violent rioting, in primarily metropolitan cities.

According to an initial flyer circulated on social media, the Marble Falls protest event is scheduled for Saturday, June 13 and had been planned for the right-of-way of the intersection of two state highways.

As the flyer circulated on several social media platforms, commenters began expressing concerns about examples of the national violence and attacks on roadways and at public locations possibly reaching the local community.

However, the local BLM Organizing Spokeswoman Monique Breaux explained that she and other participants are working closely with police for a "peaceful" event.

“The location is going to change,” she said.

Breaux, who is also an employee with the city of Marble Falls, is assisting an unidentified initial organizer with logistics of the planned protest.

"I did speak with (MFPD) about moving the event to the old public works yard," Breaux said of the location between Second and Third streets on Avenue J. "Moving it further into the heart of the city would be a buffer of protection.

“We have a meeting with the police chief on Friday to coordinate a plan of action for the protest on the 13th,” Breaux said. "Anybody that may try to antagonize the situation, we can all be prepared. We are not trying to loot or riot … just get our voices heard."

According to a statement by the city of Marble Falls on the municipality’s social media page, “The organizers, who are all local residents … are working cooperatively with (the police department).”

“We would like to take this opportunity to encourage unity amongst the citizens of our great community,” the city statement continued. “This event is intended to be a peaceful protest and is being planned with the greatest possible care to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved and our community.”
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