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Disabled, elderly Kingsland woman receives gift of hearing due to Estes donation

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Nathan Hendrix/The Highlander
Dolores Kasper (center) poses for a photo with Estes Audiology staff (from left) Rayleen Nelson, Dr. Katherine Sonnamaker, Tricia Hastings and Dr. Jacob Keup after receiving her new hearing aids.




By Nathan Hendrix
Staff Writer

One Hill Country resident is able to hear life with a little more clarity after a generous gift from a local business.

Dolores Kasper, 88, of Kingsland received a free pair of Phonak Bolero B90-SP hearing aids from Estes Audiology on Tuesday, Jan. 22 as part of the company's gift of hearing program.

“These are top-of-the-line,” said Tricia Hastings, patient care coordinator at Estes. “They are strong enough to fit the severity of her hearing loss.”

Kasper is a retired small business owner who now lives alone in Kingsland; she has been a patient with Estes for over five years. She is blind and wheelchair-bound, but still finds joy in life. Throughout the entire appointment with Dr. Katherine Sonnamaker, Kasper told jokes and laughed as if nothing ailed her.

“It's so nice to be able to do this for her,” Sonnamaker said. “Hearing is all she has left to connect with the world.”


Marble Falls resident wins gift of sound after two years of hearing loss

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Richard Zowie/The Highlander
Dr. Jake Keup, Audiology at Estes Audiology, fits Lucio “Roy” Atkinson, with a pair of Phonak Bolero B hearing aids.




By Richard Zowie
Staff Writer

Lucio “Roy” Atkinson arrived at Estes Audiology on Dec. 26 to receive a belated Christmas gift.


Wooten retires on 'high note'

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Glynis Crawford Smith/The Highlander

Wishing Angie Wooten farewell from Estes Audiology are fellow audiologists Katherine Sonnamaker, left, and Jake Keup, right. For 22 years Wooten provided hearing assistance to Highland Lakes residents at 304-B Highlander Circle, formerly Lakeview Hearing Center, and now part of the Hill Country's Estes Audiology group. The retirement party was Feb. 22 at Lakeside Pavilion.






By Glynis Crawford Smith

The Highlander

Angie Wooten, a popular audiologist for two decades in the Highland Lakes, retired to an overture of her own making Thursday, Feb. 22.

She invited many of those she had served at Lakeview Hearing Center, now Estes Audiology, at 304-B Highlander Circle and they came to Lakeside Pavilion for food and the music of Double Eagle String Band.

She and her husband, Tim, are part of the six-member ensemble that just finished their second CD, “Monkey on a String.” It will be introduced at release party at Above Mosaic House Concerts on March 10, so guests at the party got a preview of the music that has been a lifetime avocation for Wooten.

“I started practicing audiology in Marble Falls in 1995,” Wooten said. “I cannot leave without saying goodbye and thank you to some very exceptional people, my clients over the years.”

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