Local NASA retirees recall Apollo missions' glory



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Mission Control during final 24 hours of Apollo 13 mission, April 16, 1970.



By Savanna Gregg
The Highlander

Space exploration in the 1960s and 70s was an exciting time for the nation, and the accomplishments of the various crews at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are still felt today, as new generations enjoy riveting stories shared by those who participated in the Apollo missions over 50 years ago.

Many NASA employees - including Burnet's Chuck Deiterich and Horseshoe Bay's Dennis Bentley - played a major role in space exploration from the ground, as their calculated maneuvers allowed for the safe travel of astronauts to the Final Frontier and back to Earth. Their contributions to space travel are still evident today, as we enjoy the modern technological advances lent to us by the discoveries made during that time.

These humble individuals will eagerly tell their stories, but seek no glitz or glory, as they were just doing their jobs, utilizing their knowledge and training to help the nation reach milestones never accomplished before.

The NASA alum who have made their retirement homes in the Highland Lakes area gladly shared their stories with their fellow residents.

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